McJon Extrication Blanket


McJon Extrication Blanket is the Leader in Accident victim protection.

Our Blanket Features:
Easy of Use (Deployment)
Large size: 5’ by 6’
Protects victim during the Extrication process
Make-up Kevlar/Nomax construction
Grommets for attachment securing
Quilted to simplify use
Made In The U.S.A.

Suggested USES
Structural collapse
Victim transport
F.A.S.T. Team
Rapid Intervention Teams
SWAT Teams
Multi Casualty Incidents

Protects Against
Sharp Edges
Broken glass
Saw sparks
Nail punctures
Hot Metals
Flying debris

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Fire Department: Why do I need an extrication blanket?
McJon: What are you using now? Most departments tell us they are using disposable blankets, turn out gear, tarps, sheets, or residential wool blankets. The McJon Extrication blanket provides exponentially more protection then what they are using now. This means the victim, as well as the firefighter sitting next to the victim, are significantly more protected.

F.D: What exactly is the blanket made of ?
MJ: The outer layers are made of 6 oz Nomex ®; the inner layer is 22 oz Kevlar ® blend. The stitching is done with Kevlar ® thread.

F.D: Why is the blanket so expensive?
MJ: The protective materials used in the blanket are, by nature, expensive fabrics. There is a total of 10 square yards of Nomex ® and Kevlar ® is each blanket, weighing nearly 8 pounds. Compare this this to a set of turnout gear.

F.D: Where is the blanket made?
MJ: Both the blanket and carry bag are made in the U.S.A!

F.D: Is there a warranty on the blanket?
MJ: McJon Inc. provides a one year warranty against materials and workmanship.
F.D: Can the blanket be cut?
MJ: The outer layer, which is made of 6 oz. Nomex ®, can be cut. The inner layer is a 22 oz Kevlar ® blend which is virtually cut proof.

F.D: What do you mean virtually?
MJ: It is 160 times more cut resistant than a work glove.

F.D: Does the blanket protect against fire?
MJ: The blanket was designed for cut résistance. However, it is made of protective materials and would offer protection from heat and cold. It will not support combustion.

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