K12FD94 Rescue Saw & PIRAYA Diamond Blade


K12FD94 (94cc) Fire Rescue Saw. 

The Partner / Husqvarna K-12 FD is the answer to your on scene cutting needs. The Husqvarna K12FD is the Worlds Most Advanced Fire Rescue Saw designed to satisfy every demand made by the Fire Service for a multi-purpose rescue saw. 

· Magnisium Blade Guard - For durability and optimum visibility
· Mounted Sling Assembly - Adjustable, quick-release strap allows the operator to carry the tool over one shoulder, allowing full freedom of movement and leaving both hands free.
· Decompression Valve - Reduces the force necessary to start the saw by 50% 
· Large D-Grip Starter Handle - Large grip handle for mobility of use with firefighter gloves 
· Most Technological Advanced Active Air Filtration - Internal and fully sealed, three stage filtration system which protects against the extreme elements encountered by Firefighters. 
· Ready Start Ignition Switch - Momentary Stop Switch - Push type switch that simplifies stopping procedure and resets for subsequent starts. 
· Smart Carburetor - Carburetor has built in filter compensation and auto adjusts as the filter becomes dirty to maintain highest output power. 

Residential, commercial, industrial, flat roofs, trench cuts, and more.
FORCIBLE ENTRY: Security bars, roll down doors, fireproof doors, reinforced doors and windows, and more. 
HEAVY RESCUE: Building collapse, industrial accidents, natural disasters, recoveries, and more. 
EXTRICATIONS: Aircraft, buses, tractor-trailers, passenger cars, auto fires, farm and Industrial accidents, and more. 

* Engine: Air-Cooled, two-cycle * Displacement: 94 cc * Power: 6.1 hp * Weight (Without Blade): 22.9 lbs. * Guard: 14-inch * Cutting Depth: 5" * Arbor: 1" Standard Partner / Husqvarna K12FD. Designed exclusively for the fire service, pound for pound this saw is the most effective power cutter in the field. 6.1 horsepower, 94cc, an unbelievable lightweight powerhouse at just 23 lbs.!!! 

For roof ventilation on a fire scene, using the (12") 16-tooth Blazer Carbide Blade (PART # 700216fd) will provide a cutting depth of 3 inches. A (14") 18-tooth Blazer Carbide Blade (part # 700118FD) or a (14") 30-tooth Maxiblade Carbide Blade (part #TMB14) will provide a cutting depth of 5 inches. PIRAYA “Cuts Everything Blade” is a multi-purpose Diamond Blade available in 12” (part # PIRA-12FD) or 14” (part # PIRA-143FD). This multi-purpose diamond blade can be used to cut a variety of material without having to switch blades. For cutting: Concrete, masonry, metal, plastic, wood, rebar, copper, glass block, windshields, auto parts, tile, aluminum, stainless steel, corrugated roofs and more… 

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TEAM K12FD94 Rescue Saws are available for purchase through our extensive dealer network, truck manufacturers or TEAM direct.  
Rest assured, upgrade to a new K12FD rescue saw and PIRAYA “Cuts Everything Blade combo,  you won’t be sorry. 

To reach one of our valued dealers in your area contact TEAM Equipment at 800-367-9054.

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