TDM 230 Core Drill


The TDM 230 hand-held core drill is ideal for drilling into concrete and masonry application. This drill is suitable for fire/rescue service, FEMA, and US & R teams who demand performance in a lightweight drill. This drill has been designed with a high power-to-weight ratio and is great for drilling in tight areas.

Features Husqvarna TDM 230:
- If the motor runs at too high a load for a long period, it
will start to pulsate. If the load is not reduced themotor
will shut off, to prevent overheating. Elgard™
significantly increases the machine’s service life.
- Functional ergonomics make the Husqvarna drill
motors easy and convenient to operate.
- An electronic current limiter for softer starts. Full speed
is reached about two seconds after the switch is turned
- Equipped with Elgard™ which uses pulsation to
indicate when themachine is overloaded. This extends
product life.
- When making a starter hole or cutting through
reinforcement speed can be reduced by half using
- SoftStart™ – electronic current limiter means full
speed is reached about two seconds after start.
- Three-speed water-cooled gearbox for optimal drilling
performance and longer service intervals.
- The plastic housing makes it more durable against
drops and daily wear.

The handle has an integrated water hose, which together with the electric cable run parallel conveniently from the machine.

By pressing the SmartStart button speed is reduced by half, which facilitate to start drilling.

The TDM 230 sits comfortable against your body due to the soft rear section and a larger contact area.

The TDM 230 is equipped with three gears.

Engine Voltage: 230 / 110 V
Amperage: 8 / 15 A
Power: 1850 W
Output RPM at full load: 500 / 1400 / 2900 rpm
Speeds: 3
Rated output: W 1100/0 W
Rated current: A 8/15 A
Spindle speed idle high speed: 900/2150/4500 rpm

Weight: 16 lbs

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